EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Swati Kid – “Lobola”

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Swati Kid debuts first single off of forthcoming debut LP

You may remember him as Hebza Mabza but in recent times the rapper, who was born, Mzamo Herbert Mabuza, has not only changed his on stage nom de plume but he’s also been cooking up a new full-length album.

Now known simply as Swati Kid, the success of the Nelspruit-native’s initial mixtapes, The Fantasium Street Tape Volume 1 (2005) and The Fantasium World (2009) has spawned the production of his first full-length, Story of a Swati Kid. Between the Fantasium-era and the beginnings of his forthcoming LP, Swati Kid has amassed a considerable amount of success. Singles like “If You Just Believe” have enjoyed airplay on a number of local radio stations in his home province of Mpumalanaga. Most notably, his pro-feminism anthem, “Women Salute” was playlisted by one of the province’s biggest radio stations, Ligwalagwala FM. He’s also gone on to start his own independent record label, Smoke of Rhyme, which represents his brother, Young Fess.

Swati Kid since relocated to Johannesburg to further his rap career under BLACKDUDE Entertainment (BDE) and Money Owl Music, the labels with which he will record his debut full-length album. The LP, due for an imminent release, sees the debut of its lead single, “Lobola” on 23 May. Decibel360, in association with Feedback Musiq, bring you the exclusive preview.

Having had his fair share of the S’bongiles and Ntomb’zodwas of this world, Swati Kid has made up his mind and decided to settle down with his one and only – and he even has the cows to prove it. But “Lobola” is more than just a love story. After having gone through the journey Swati Kid has been through, it wouldn’t be irrational to say that this new album is his own lobola to an art form he can’t live without: hip hop. But is it even hip hop?

“Lobola” is reminiscent of Teargas circa Wafa Wafa where we saw the genesis of a neo-kwaito sound emerge that got everyone excited. While artists like Major League seem to be pushing this sound in their own direction, Swati Kid is making his name known in another. Thanks to the ease of Swati Kid’s lyricism and the effortless sound of the synth, piano and bass, this is the kind of record that will be a mainstay on the radio; a track that you and your friends can bump to.

The single debuts 23 May at the stroke of midnight and will be available for free download (follow @feedback_musiq on Twitter for details). Look out for more of Swati Kid on Feedback Musiq.

For bookings contact: Lebo@nutshellmedia.co.za

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