The Sheet Music of Web Design


What you ought to know about me is that I do more than just make everything about South African music my business. I’m a 21st century 20-something who understands that the future of everything is the Internet. Hell, I’m convinced that WWIII will be the fault of either Google, Inc. or TMZ. But I digress.

This blog (my second, which I swore I would never create) was a school project. The idea: to get us students akin to the ways of the web in order to prepare us for what we do now which is actually build websites. For almost two years now, I’ve been running a young website called Feedback Musiq. I took this course because I want to make Feedback Musiq (FDBQ) the ultimate online source of South African music in the world. It should make sense where all this is going now.

As part of a course where one learns how to build websites, it follows that one should build websites. This is what I have done these past few months. I created an online profile in which I showcase everything that’s awesome about me i.e. the reason you read this blog and the reason you are FDBQ‘s biggest fan.

What I have created so far I’m calling a beta version because well I’m a student. And also I’d love to make my site look like which is my favourite web design but alas I’m told these are 3rd year skills so 2015 get here already dammit! Also and boast some really awesome designs. I love the simplicity in both designs but I’m really in love with the fluidity and dynamic-ism of – which is why it’s my favourite.

So as far as my own website that I’m designing goes, I wish to reveal it right here on Decibel360 around this time next year (or, who knows, maybe earlier) when it looks ten times better than Currently, it looks like an amateur student design but I am not ashamed of this. I worked my ass of for that design plus I really like it (for now).

But we all love our babies and thus in the interest of working against bias and working towards greatness instead we must showcase our babies to the world and subject them to its unforgiving criticism and ridicule. I did this for my profile with the aid of my brother, my best friend and two of my cousins.

There feedback was so incredibly helpful and after all the expositioning above (my fancy term for my inherent issue of rambling) I hope you still have the stamina to read what they had to say. (Also, I’m getting marked on this so just get a general sense and add lots of comments so that my lecturers will think I’m the shit).

Everyone seemed to get what the site was about without needing me to explain it to them. My one cousin said something quite interesting: it would be cool to sum up my talents and skills somewhere near the logo (which is gotdamn amazing logo I might add). Also no one had trouble getting around. My friend said he liked the structural “underground” feel but my brother (who’s a designer) and cousin said that it was perhaps a bit too safe. And I quote:

I think the design could be more artistic and slightly less structured and formal. The designer could add more things that are visually appealing and not necessarily pertinent information. It is after all the page of an artist and not a law firm, or something of that nature.


The design was a big recurring concern by all the people I surveyed. And I agree, it could go further to reflect me as an artist. But trust: ever since I did this survey all I think about is how to improve. I’m going insane! The one solution – which was mentioned – is to make the site less text heavy. “Pictures!!!!” somebody said. And those aren’t my exclamation marks. (Okay, I added one). They also had concerns with using the site on their mobile phones. Well 3rd year get your ass here – responsive design has been giving me sleepless nights!

But one thing that kept coming up: a page and direct link to FDBQ. This website has become part of my identity and it seems I can’t shake it off (not that I want to). I thought it was clear but the tribe has spoken so it’s back to the trenches.

I don’t know how you managed to reach the end of this but if you’re reading this in 2014 come back in 2015. If you’re reading this in 2015, then I’m almost ready to show you what I’ve done with all this feedback and how I’m getting so many steps closer to making the ultimate online source of South African music.

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